The History of NAWBO Southern Nevada

On February 26, 1990 the first meeting of the Southern Nevada chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners was held. At a standing-room only luncheon at the Olympic Gardens Restaurant, 52 charter members were signed up.

Two years later, the first NAWBO National Conference was held in Las Vegas. The national organization was stunned by a record attendance, which included almost 200 "walk-ins".

Three years later, 1995, three NAWBO Southern Nevada members were elected to the Nevada delegation to the White House Conference on Small Business.

In 1999, the Southern Nevada chapter once again hosted the National Conference and the very next month, launched the Women of Distinction Awards.

In February 2005, we celebrated our 15th anniversary and marked the milestone by signing up our 200th member. We are now in our 24th year!

Our first Corporate Partner was Bank of America back in 1991; they gave us $1000 to publish our newsletter for a year. Today that wouldn't even pay the postage. Southwest Gas was our second Corporate Partner.

NAWBO Southern Nevada has been led by some dynamic women over the years. Our past presidents are:

Elizabeth Casey 1990-1991
Patricia Brown, Esq. 1991-1992
Carolyn Stephens 1992-1993
Anne Seward, Esq. 1993-1994
Shelby Keefer 1994-1995 and 1995-1996
Paula Brown 1996-1997
Nancy McRight 1997-1998 and 1998-1999
Jaymie McMullin 1999-2000
Bobbi Brooks 2000-2001
Carolyn Muse Grant 2001-2002
Cynthia Throm 2002-2003
Jeanne Richard Jones 2003-2004
Betty Mahalik 2004-2005
Renee Ryan-Thrailkill 2005-2006
Brenda Stout, CPA 2006-2007
Toni Jo Artz 2007-2008 (18 months)
Berna Rhodes Ford 2009-2010
Kimberly Miles 2010-2011
Elissa Evans 2011-2012
Valerie Parker 2013-June 2014 (18 months)
Christy Echols July 2014-2015 (18 Months)
Jacki Ramirez 2016-2017
Sandra Roche 2017-2019