Lisa Ferrell

Lisa Listen

Lisa is a Success Coach. She helps others by meeting them where they are in their lives and asking a simple yet profound question. What do you want?

Lisa will help you define your life's purpose and passion leading to a happier and more fulfilled life. She will assist you in discovering your strengths and limitations in order to live an authentic life rather than masquerading around living life as an imposter. She drills down to "What Matters Most."

She uses her intuition to ask additional key questions to pull out the answers you are holding so close inside. Lisa offers direction and support to assist you in overcoming your life struggles personally and professionally to achieve a more fulfilled and happy life with meaning and purpose.

One of her best gifts is that she LISTENS well and that is where the name of her company LisaListen comes from. Lisa graduated from Coach U receiving her coaching certification in 2006.

Most recently Lisa received her in Happiness (Personal Happiness Decision). This comes after serving 306,000 hours of life training and personal awakening in from 35 years in Corporate America, two failed marriages, and a mother raising three children single handedly. Approved by the board of villagers and the JessTalk board of advisors January 18, 2013.