Eva Love

Corporate Partner

Eva Love is known as the Relationship Expert Extraordinaire by her clients. In the last 25 years Eva has worked with over 6500 clients and students. 87% of her single clients have either gotten married or are in a committed relationship within a year of working with her. And 91% of her couple clients are like love-birds, enjoying a happy thriving relationship.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Business School she worked for Proctor and Gamble as the first woman Field Representative. She then started the first Women’s Center in Tulsa, OK in 1975, enrolling a diverse field of professionals to volunteer 7200 hours of time in 1 year to give a hand up to women who had been abused, raped, were homeless or had special unmet needs.

Committed to helping women knock down career barriers she was the first woman hired in a management position in a 90-year old transportation company. As the first woman to ever manage long-haul teamsters, she actively mentored women in clerical positions to be promoted into management.

She held a special ombudsman position with Citicorp where she lead the marketing, legal, and IT departments to work together to create the highly successful launch of their first mortgage program.

She broke the glass ceiling in a billion dollar auto-parts chain becoming the first woman to sit on the executive team. She had two departments reporting to her with a $5.5 million budget, a big corner office, with all the perks. 

In 1989 Eva had a profound spiritual experience that gave her the tools that helped her recover from a lifetime of misery and struggle. Within three weeks of using this system her life changed radically. Others asked her to teach them which launched her into teaching and mentoring students and private clients full time. 

Today Eva is married to the love of her life and more in love than ever. They will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this May. Her heart still does a little flip when she sees her husband. They have a loving, fun partnership that has continued to grow stronger despite stressful life events that often end relationships.

You can contact Eva at eva@evalove.net