Christy Echols

Immediate Past President
Christy Echols Founder and President of Paragon Development Group has served in various corporate positions and industries for over 19 years. Seeing a great need for support for small business owners, Paragon Development Group was established and serves as a bridge for the small business owner and organizations both private and public. Paragon serves clients in all seasons of business and industries and has become the “go-to” business development and growth resource for small and diverse businesses looking to serve public and private organizations. Christy is active in the local business community; she is always connecting people, businesses and opportunities no matter where she goes, which leads to greater success and growth for everyone. She has served on many committees and association boards throughout her career and as a member of multiple chambers and organizations in her local community. Currently, Christy serves on the Executive Board as the 2014-2015 President for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Southern Nevada, as well as other community business related committees.She and her husband, Greg Echols, have been married for 22 years and have 3 amazing, active kids.  Outside of their business, they serve as the Pastor(s) of Elevate Church of Las Vegas; serving as both a business owner and in ministry has been a mission they are blessed to share.