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The Voice of Women Business Owners

The Voice of Women Business Owners

Throughout the course of the year, members of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) can interact at any number of events and forums with existing members who already understand the benefits of belonging to a national organization that is focused on empowering women business owners. While we certainly value and encourage these opportunities to engage with fellow members, it is the chance interaction with a young women entrepreneur or an introduction to another woman business owner in your community that helps remind us why membership in NAWBO is so important. 

When you meet a peer in business for the first time and share with her that you’re a member of NAWBO, it is inevitable that your new acquaintance will ask something to the effect “Why do you belong to NAWBO?” Of course, it is a fair question, especially given the multitude of demands on your time and budget. While it is true that each NAWBO member will have a slightly different answer to that question, there are a few fundamental benefits and strengths to our organization that we can all cite as compelling reasons to be a member of NAWBO.  

First and foremost, NAWBO is a one-of-a-kind sisterhood comprised of women business owners who come together as peers to share their experiences and best practices with each other. Within our NAWBO family, there is a strong sense of wanting to help other women entrepreneurs overcome challenges and realize their dreams.

One of the greatest member benefits we offer is a support system of amazing, talented women with shared interests and aspirations who are experiencing similar challenges and opportunities, or have the hindsight of having faced these before. They are here for, and genuinely interested in, helping you succeed by offering sound ideas and advice.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for women entrepreneurs—at any stage of business growth, whether you’re a start-up working from a home office or running a multi-million-dollar company—to belong to an organization like NAWBO.

One of the most basic yet vital roles NAWBO fills for our members is to provide information. In an era when unprecedented volumes of information are available at the touch of an app, it is critical for a busy business owner to have a trustworthy source of information tailored to help her successfully manage her business. Through a number of communications platforms, NAWBO members are provided the latest news and information on issues and trends affecting women business owners. This could include details on a regulatory or legislative proposal working its way through the approval process in Washington, DC which may directly affect your decision-making as it relates to your business. Or it may reflect a discussion among experts on ways women entrepreneurs can access crucial start-up or growth capital. The bottom line is that information sharing is a key part of membership for all NAWBO members because the information we share often impacts the bottom line.

As a national organization, NAWBO is committed to and actively engaged in driving an agenda in Washington, DC and state capitals that advances opportunities for women entrepreneurs and business owners. In Washington, DC, the special interests of business sectors from A-Z, not to mention others like organized labor, are represented by a horde of associations and entities that speak to what are often their narrowly defined sectoral interests. But who speaks for women entrepreneurs? Who stands up for the interests of women business owners in the halls of Congress and with the regulatory agencies?

Your dependable and determined advocate is NAWBO. Our organization is dedicated to working on behalf of women business owners. And by educating our members through tools such as Public Policy Primer Calls and these blogs, our objective is to empower women business owners to directly engage in the legislative process and to appeal to policy makers by informing them how proposals being considered will help or hinder their business. Women business owners cannot sit on the sidelines and hope things go their way. We must actively be working to create a more dynamic business climate that supports women in business whether you are a budding entrepreneur or running an established company.

NAWBO is both a network and a forum for networking. At the national level, members are able to work with like-minded women business owners on issues impacting our community across the country and around the globe. Through our chapters, members are similarly positioned to collaborate on challenges and opportunities at a more local level. Of course, the business of NAWBO is not only advocating and staying informed; we appreciate the value of women business owners having opportunities to interact with one another. Throughout the year, NAWBO hosts numerous events, like the annual Women’s Business Conference, to bring members together to share best practices, hear from experts and socialize. 

NAWBO also provides opportunities for members to grow and to impart their knowledge to the next generation of women business leaders. Through both training programs and actual positions within our organization, NAWBO members have opportunities to become energetic, strategic, and strong leaders. In much the same way, NAWBO’s mentoring partnerships provides members an avenue to work with young women in high school and college as well as new entrepreneurs to share their experiences with future women business owners.

At NAWBO, there is something for every woman in business. Whether you are just getting started and are looking for guidance or you have successfully grown your company into a thriving enterprise and want to make a difference in Congress, NAWBO can and will exceed your expectations.